Apartment in Krasnodar, Russia

This project is designed for young couple without kids. Clients are fond of modern design. Leisure time they prefer to spend active, skiing, snowboarding and hiking. Total apartment area is 64 square meters. Firstly it included hall, small kitchen with balcony, restroom, separated living room, and narrow bedroom. After reconstruction living room and balcony were attached to the kitchen. A small bedroom for guests was made at the right corner of the living room. It can be separated from the main area of the room by sliding partitions. Bed is located on the podium which is also a place of storage for sport equipment and utility stuff. Balcony is transformed into a modest bar with a great city view. Narrow bedroom is divided into two parts - sleeping area and wardrobe area. This division is emphasised by color and surface division of the room. Materials, which are used in this project are quite cheap. Some furniture and covering surfaces are made of plywood, walls are painted in different colors, partition between livingroom and bedroom is made of brick. Apartment interior is modern, bright and brave, but at the same time it's quite cozy and comfortable.

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